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hold fast

Humans like it when they have something they can hold onto. Even when in limbo, just the knowledge of possession is enough. There is a safety in knowing there is protection, backup and resource. This sense of confirmation can be... Continue Reading →

i made it

I made it... When Spirit was released, I was six years old and didn't blink through the entire movie, mesmerized. I told myself within that moment that my lifelong goal would be to someday work for Dreamworks. In my teenage... Continue Reading →

happy to see me

Walking down the street I noticed two dogs... It’s not uncommon for me to notice dogs, but these dogs sparked a sudden occurrence in me. They were both leashed, their owners restraining them to say hello. But for the dogs,... Continue Reading →

is this quitting?

I am not a quitter. I refuse to believe I am, even if I am. All my life I have tried. And so in a sense, I am a try hard. I cannot let things go unless I do them... Continue Reading →

the most important thing

The human condition: to question, to gather information, to come to our own conclusions and to find a meaning and purpose. We make decisions based on the questions we ask, in conjunction with the answers we receive. Unlike other animal... Continue Reading →


After a recent conversation with one very loved, I was given insight into what is perceived versus what is actual reality. We sit here and we compare and we judge and we say we are useless. We feel useless. We... Continue Reading →

the ghost

  What do you say When your heart's not in it? What do you do When there's no new beginning? How do you start When you've forgotten how to finish? Or how to be free again? Or what the word... Continue Reading →

split in two

What do you do when your heart is split in two? What do you do when what you have to choose what you love most? How do you choose? What do you do? I chose to leave everything behind in... Continue Reading →

the beginning to the end

I used to write in secret. I have always loved writing, but I used to pretend that it was a secret talent I had. Probably because it was never for anybody else but myself. It was simply another form of... Continue Reading →

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